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Career Fair

Are you looking for an internship? Do you want a full-time job after graduation? The career fair is a great way to discover the many opportunities before you throughout your undergraduate degree and after graduation. You will get the chance to meet amazing companies that are diverse in size, culture, and purpose. Come to the career fair and meet your potential next employer!

Is your company interested in becoming part of the career fair?

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Saturday, July 21st at 1PM

Women In Tech Panel

Do you want to learn about the different challenges women in technology face? Come join us as we listen to the stories of resilient women who continue to inspire others with their excellence! The panel consists of women from various industries who have paved their way to success such as Alina Martin (CEO, Danatec), Kylie Woods (Founder, Chic Geek), and Mary Soleimani (Software Engineer, Cisco).

We will begin with a panel discussion, where our panelists can share their experiences regarding the topic and some practical tips on how to navigate through it. This will be followed with a Q&A session, where you get the opportunity to ask the panelists your own questions related to women in technology.

Friday, July 20th at 5PM

Student Showcase

Do you want to see the cool projects students are currently working on? Come see them at the CUCSC Student Showcase! We will be featuring students from all over Canada who will be showing off some projects they’ve been working on, whether personal or for school.

Submissions for abstracts have now been closed!

For any questions or concerns regarding the showcase, please email

Friday, July 20th at 2PM
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